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Kings County Residential PlumbingAs any homeowner can tell you, leaks happen. Whether you are dealing small leak or a large one, it can lead to major expenses. At Alan Laird Plumbing, we offer non-invasive leak detection services in Hanford and the surrounding areas. By detecting – and fixing – the leak as quickly as possible, you can save yourself a lot of money in the long run. In addition to running up your water bills, an unrepaired leak can lead to thousands of dollars in property damage. The structure of your home can even be compromised.

In many situations, leaks occur in hidden areas of the home, such as in basements or behind walls or under slabs. Though you may be seeing puddles, drops or water damage in one place, the actual source of the leak may be somewhere totally different. That’s where professional leak detection services come in. Without knowing exactly where a leak is located, you have absolutely no way of properly correcting it. When you trust Alan Laird Plumbing to handle the job, our experienced plumbing professionals will find the source of the leak and advise you on how to best repair it.

While many Hanford plumbers employ invasive methods to find leaks, at Alan Laird Plumbing, we have the tools to find leaks using non-invasive techniques. Consider the damage that could be done to your walls if a plumber is using invasive techniques for leak detection. At Alan Laird Plumbing, our goal is to avoid damaging your home. All our technicians will respect your home just like it was their own, and they will use all their equipment and knowledge to find leaks using non-invasively.

If you have a small leak, such as a dripping faucet, you might consider putting it off to save a few dollars. But consider this: Leaks can account for as much as 14% of water consumption in an average household. With that in mind, isn’t it worth it to spend a few dollars to take care of those seemingly insignificant leaks? Larger leaks or numerous small leaks can cost you a lot of money on a monthly basis, but by contacting the Hanford plumbers at Alan Laird Plumbing, you can take care of the problem once and for all. When you trust us for non-invasive leak detection in Hanford, we will come to your home, find the source of your leak and advise you on how to fix it.

Wasted water is wasted money. Save yourself money, time and frustration by calling Alan Laird Plumbing today!

Alan Laird Plumbing - Hanford Water Heater Installation

Your water heater is an important device in your home, providing ample hot water for your entire family on a daily basis. So, when selecting a new water heater, it’s important that you choose one that will provide enough hot water during peak hours without costing a fortune to operate.

Our Hanford area customers expect and enjoy the high-quality hot water heater installation and repair services that we provide at Alan Laird Plumbing. We pride ourselves in being thorough and reliable plumbers helping local homeowners throughout the Hanford area providing expert installation services performed by local master plumbers. Our installation, repair, and replacement services are second to none, making us your number one option for your water heater repairs throughout the Hanford and Kings County area.

For all of your Hanford water heater installation needs, call the experts at Alan Laird Plumbing. We can help you select the right water heater for your home and then install it properly so it works as intended for years to come.

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